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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below all of our FAQs on New Metal Roofs, New Tile Roofs, Metal & Tile Roof Maintenance & Repairs, Gutters & Downpipes, Skylights, Strata & Commercial and Insurance.

The VSE must be installed between 15 & 90 degrees. If your roof pitch is less than 15 degrees, you must use a custom flashing kit with a pitch adapter.

Quote times vary depending on the scope of works to be done. Most maintenance and make safe works will be returned within 48 hrs. More complex quotes may require material prices and further site visits, which will extend the response times. If you are waiting for a quote, please contact our friendly team on 02 9674 4556 to get an update.

Defiantly. Ivy Roofing, the roofing specialists can supply and install all safety systems to both metal and tile roofs. We also supply site maps and certification certificates.

Yes, we can supply and install the latest VeLux & Skydome Skylights available on the market. We also offer dome replacement and flashing maintenance.

Yes. Knowing exactly what condition your commercial or strata roof is in isn’t always easy, which is why we recommend an inspection report - a thorough inspection of all the components of your roof, including but not limited to roof coverings, fixtures and fittings, flashings and cappings, penetrations, skylights, gutters and down pipes, insulation and drainage. Photos and an aerial map are also provided to indicate problem areas to make the descriptions easier to understand. You will be provided with an explanation of all defects, corrective action required and the cost of the corrective action, or costings for replacement.

You can call our friendly team on 02 9674 4556 from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Please send all work orders to info@ivycontractors.com.au and one of our friendly team members will contact you so you can be guaranteed we are handling it for you.

Please send all remittances to our friendly accounts team at ivycontractorsfinance@gmail.com.

Once a request has been sent it follows the sequence below:
a. We will confirm receipt of your job by reply email.
b. Your request is then entered into our system and the onsite contact is advised by text.
c. We then contact the onsite contact and organise a mutually agreeable time for the inspection or repair.
d. Once this time has been confirmed with the onsite contact, we send a text confirmation to them and an email confirmation to the strata manager who issued the request.
e. On the day of attendance our tradesman will send a message to the onsite contact, advising when they are on their way and when they expect to arrive.
f. Once the job has been completed, our friendly team will email either a quote or an invoice with the corresponding photos. We will also contact the manager by phone to confirm our email has been received.

Yes, we have a dedicated call team and rapid response tradesman who can be sent to site for make safe and leak investigation.

Yes, Ivy Roofing can provide both maintenance and gutter and down pipe replacements for all building types including box gutters for commercial buildings.






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