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t is a smart idea to clean your gutters every time you experience severe weather conditions, but if you can’t commit to that then aim for at least once a year. Like roof inspections, gutter maintenance is something that you can easily outsource to the professionals, like us here at Ivy Roofing. We’ve been installing internal box gutters and external gutters around Sydney for over 20 years and know how to repair or replace gutters that have rusted, started leaking, been poorly installed or are suffering from general wear and tear.

Yes there are different styles of gutters and leaders. The average style on a home is a box style type of gutter and leader. This is referred to as K-style. There are other round types called half round gutters. Gutters that are built into the home/building are referred to as built-in or yankee gutters.

Fascia boards (wood behind gutter) usually rot due to a lack of gutter cleaning and water overflowing over the back of the gutter. In rare cases this wood can rot due to the roof being too short in areas where the rainwater is not making it into the gutter and constantly leaks behind the gutter.

If the wood or fascia board, which is the proper name, is rotted it can simply be replaced. We will cut out the rotted section and simply install a new section of same sized wood.

There are many reasons gutters need replacement which include, but are not limited to, sagging, off-pitch, crushed, pitted, crushed and wind/storm damage. If we clean your gutters, we inspect all gutters and leaders for any repairs or replacements, as well as underground drainage for any clogs. If we do not clean your gutters, you can arrange a mutually convenient time to have one of our professionals meet you for an overall visual inspection.

No, you do not need to be home for the gutters to be installed. Our specialists will have your new gutters up in no time. We do not even need your electricity; we have generators inside our trucks that are virtual warehouses on wheels.

Yes, we offer many different kinds of leaf protection, however, our professional experience has shown that most of the systems do not work as well as they claim. The best way to avoid gutter clogs is to have them cleaned on a regular basis. Even with these systems we still recommend cleaning the gutters as they also become clogged, even though they claim not to.






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